The History behind our product.


In Carnes ViBa we have a system of production that ensures the innocuousness, quality and freshness of your product from the beginning of the process until it gets to you.

Below, we want to share a little about the stages in our process in which we count with standards and certifications that ratify the quality of our beef.


Deboning and Packaging.

In this stage we classified the quality of each carcass based on its marbling through a transversal cut in the loin area, making sure our products come from the cattle with the best quality so we can always offer quality cuts. 

We have a team trained in good manufacturing practices and operational security making sure that your product always has the best presentation, assuring the quality of the beef and most important the wellness of our employees.

Our products are elaborated with high-tech packaging assuring to keep the freshness, quality and presentation, as it is in the high vacuumed packages, that consists in the elimination of the oxygen thru a sealing machinery, extending its shelf life, avoiding the oxidation of the beef and bacterial proliferation.

Carnes ViBa has a quality assurance team highly capacitated following the production process, verifying to cover all the quality standards in all the value chain.


Warehouse and supply 

To keep the security of your product we have a system to preserve the cold chain, according to the preferences of your purchases we store your product in temperatures of refrigeration for fresh products (0 to 4c) and frozen (-18).

We are known for on time deliveries of our products! Our supply chain protects the freshness of your product making sure that exiting the warehouse till it reaches you does not lose its conservation temperature.


In Carnes ViBa the security of our people and our product is of the highest importance, always taking care of the quality standards, productivity and excellence of our processes so your beef always is as fresh as your ideas.