Our Actions during Covid-19


We are committed to our responsibility of putting food on the table of millions of people.
We greet our more than 750 teammates, thousands of agriculture families, and stakeholders in our supply chain. Each and every one of you is a crucial part in our national response against COVID 19./strong>

Our response

As a food company and supplier of an essential service during this unprecedented times, we are making everything that is possible to keep our teammates, work areas and products safe.

We are proud to serve our community and our nation because we are facing this challenge together.

Actions taken:

  • Promotion of social distancing in shifts and schedules, and increasing physical distancing in the cafeteria, breaks and locker rooms.
  • Dedicated staff in the constant cleaning of our factories.
  • Increased efforts of sanitation and disinfection, including deep cleaning of all of our factories.


To feed our families, friends and neighbors.


Supporting our team


We have taken several measures in our factories and offices in order to prevent a potential spread of covid, which include:

  1. Supervision stations when entering our facilities; interviewing every collaborator in order to prevent and detect asymptomatic cases.
  2. Required quarantine to staff with symptoms.
  3. Enforcement of Covid 19 tests to cases with symptoms, as well as collaborators that have had contact with people with symptoms.
  4. Attention and follow up to recommendations and suggestions made by the health and government institutions.
  5. Enforcement of work shifts in order to keep physical distance.
  6. Enforcement of safety measures such as areas sanitation, recruitment of transportation staff solely for our collaborators.
  7. Sanitation tunnel as a reinforcement of our preventive measures.
  8. Adjustments in different areas such as dressers, dining room, operational facilities, with the objective of keeping physical distancing.
  9. Enforcement of isolation to the staff at high risk (age, pregnancy, chronic diseases), according to our authorities statements.
  10. Respect to our collaborators’ rights regarding work and wages.
  11. Our committee is coordinated with the areas of Doctor’s Office, Safety, Quality and Human Resources and Health and Government Authorities in order to follow up the condition of each and every of our collaborators.
  12. Visit restrictions to our offices and work facilities, as well as work trips.
  13. Home Office enforcement in areas with feasibility in order to reduce the number of people in our facilities.
  14. We are constantly issuing notices of the different preventive measures enforced by us and the health authorities.