Do you know what the terms of the meat are?

Terms of Service

If you want to seal the meat, you can do it grilled, broiled, in the oven, and more.
What you need is an intense heatstroke of at least 302 °F. Then lower the heat and cook normally, so that the center of the meat is cooked but not dry.

Cut Sealed on both sides over high heat, and the raw center reaches up to 131 °F. The outer layer is well cooked and the center raw and even cold. The temperature is taken from the center of the cut.

Medium rare Grilled or grill, the center is left red or almost raw but with a temperature of 140 °F inside; It is distinguished by its light brown color on the edges and red in the center.

It is the ideal term since the center does not lose juiciness. It is sealed or marked on the griddle or grill, leaving a smaller red center that reaches a temperature of 145 °F.

Medium Well 
The meat begins to lose juiciness and with it… its flavor. The center of the cut turns light brown with the edges perfectly cooked, reaching a temperature of 161 °F.

Well - Done 
It is the least recommended term, since the meat loses up to 70% of its juiciness, remaining tough even though it is of excellent quality. The entire cut takes on a gray-brown color and reaches a temperature of 170 °F.