Barnyards engaged in fattening feedlot bovine cattle. Our facilities include a processing plant of balanced food based on grains which allows, under experts’ care, that the cattle can produce meat with unique flavor and juiciness.
Fattening Barnyards in Jiménez, Tamaulipas y Cintalapa, Chiapas.


We have a plant with high slaughtering capacity, carrying out this process with the newest methods and under strict hygiene and sanitation standards. Its strategic location next to the fattening barnyards prevents the cattle from being stressed or mistreated what results in increased meat tenderness.
Slaughter Plant TIFF 299 Located in Jimenez, Tamaulipas.

Cutting and Packaging

We own a specialized plant in the process of cutting and packaging of carcasses and derivatives from livestock. It operates under the most advanced security and food sanitation controls. It is equipped with the latest technology to work with fresh and frozen cuts, according to our customers’ needs.