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Blue rare (115F)
Seared on the outside, completely red throughout. Meat remains gel-like in texture and difficult to chew; juices are not yet flowing freely

Rare (120F)
Seared and still red 75% through the center. Once the heat transfer is completed during the resting period, this steak will achieve “The Perfect Steak” Tender and Juicy!

Medium Rare (126F)
Seared with 50% red center. Right at the range of “The Perfect Steak”

Medium (134F)
Seared outside, 25% pink showing inside. Just past the point of “The Perfect Steak”.

Medium Well (150F)
Done throughout with a slight hint of pink. Paste the point of no return.

Well Done (160F)
100% brown. A waste of a good quality piece of meat.