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Our responsibility is to keep food on tables of millions of people,
We talk to our more than 750 employees, the supply chain associates and thousands of farming relations that are part of our work force. All of you are an important part of our response to COVID19. 

Our Response

As a food company providing an essential product during this exceptional time, we are doing everything we can to keep safe our work force, work areas, and products.

We are proud to serve the community and our nation because we are facing this unique challenge together.

Taken actions

  • Promoting physical distance with schedule rotation and increasing spacing in cafeteria, breaks and lockers rooms.
  • Dedicated staff to continuously clean the facilities.
  • Increased sanitation and disinfection efforts including a whole facility deep cleansing.


To feed our families, friends and the community


We have taken several actions in our facilities and offices to prevent a potential spread of the coronavirus, including:

  1. Check points when entering our facilities; Interviewing each collaborator to prevent and detect asymptomatic cases.
  2. Implementing the quarantine protocol for symptom personnel.
  3. Applying COVID-19 tests to symptom cases, as well as to collaborators who have had contact with people identified with symptoms.
  4. Attention and follow-up on recommendations derived from visits suggested by health institutions and the government.
  5. Implementing rotating work shifts to maintain physical distance.
  6. Installing a sanitizer tunnel, as reinforcement to our precautionary measures.
  7. Implementation of security measures such as hiring exclusive transportation for our employees, arriving to our facilities and going back home safely.
  8. Adaptations in different areas, such as locker rooms, dining room, operating facilities, to meet the purpose of keeping distance.
  9. Isolating high-risk personnel (age, pregnancy and chronic diseases), established by the authorities.
  10. Respect for the labor and salary rights for all of our collaborators.
  11. Our internal committee is in coordination with the Medical, Security, Quality and Human Resources areas and Health and Government authorities to follow the status of each of our collaborators.
  12. Restriction of visitors to our offices and work facilities, as well as travel permits of our colleagues.
  13. Implementation of Home Office, to reduce the flow of people in our facilities.
  14. We are constantly issuing communications of the precautionary measures implemented by the authorities and us.